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Premark generates single-file HTML presentations from one or many markdown files, using Remark.js. Based on Remarker by @tylerdave.

License: MIT

Documentation: Read The Docs

Notable Features

  • Create slides from simple Markdown. Use three dashes on their own line (---) to indicate the transition from one slide to another. All other markdown features work as expected.

  • The output is always a single HTML file. This means you can open it in your browser without spinning up a web server.

    • In contrast, with vanilla Remark, if your main HTML file needs to load any other files then it can’t be opened locally without a web server.

  • Your slides can be stored in multiple markdown files and Premark will automatically “stitch” them together into a single presentation, even creating title slides for each section if you want.

Usage Example

Generate presentation.html from Markdown in

premark -o presentation.html

You can also pass in a custom CSS file to style your presentation.

premark -o presentation.html --stylesheet style.css

Creating a Presentation from Multiple Sections

You may wish to build your presentation from multiple markdown files, each representing a “section” of the final slideshow. Premark supports this through the use of a configuration file, where you can specify the order of your sections.

Say you have a folder md_slides containing individual sections,,, and You could create a config file like the following:

# config.yaml

And then invoke Premark with

premark -c config.yaml -o slides.html md_slides

The resulting slides.html will contain all four sections.

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